Fun-loving Supernatural Creature


Name: Kractix, aka John Kraven Type: Supernatural Creature
Wealth: poor Juncture: 69

Melodramatic Hook: It’s great fun to be back in the world

Description: short, stocky man with curly hair or one Cthulhu-looking MF.

Body (Bod) 10 Chi (Chi) 1 Mind (Mnd) 3 Reflexes (Ref) 8
Move (Mov) 10 Fortune (For) 1 Charisma (Cha) 3 Agility (Agl) 8
Strength (Str) 10 Kung Fu (Fu) 1 Intelligence (Int) 3 Dexterity (Dex) 8
Constitution (Con) 10 Magic (Mag) 8 Perception (Per) 3 Speed (Spd) 8
Toughness (Tgh) 10 - - Willpower (Wil) 3

Fortune Dice Remaining: 1
Wound Points Sustained:
Unspent Experience Points:

Skill Base Bonus AV
Creature Powers Mag + 7 15
Martial Arts Agl + 4 12
Intrusion Agl + 3 11


Amphibian, Armor, Regeneration, Tentacles, Transformation


After being trapped in an extra-dimensional prison, Kractix is back on Earth and ready to have fun with his favorite species, humans.


Feng Shui: The Lost Island rehafer