Norman Knight

Agent of M.I.6


Body: 7
Mind: 8
Chi: 0 (Fortune: 6)
Reflexes: 8

Deceit +7 (15), Driving +2 (10), Fix-it +2 (10), Guns +5 (13), Info / Food & Drink +6 (14), Info / Photography +6 (14), Info / Politics +4 (12), Intrusion +4 (12), Martial Arts +5 (13), Police +2 (10), Seduction +5 (13)

10,000 Bullets (Gun), Spy (Unique)

Wealth: Rich
Juncture: Modern


Norman was born in Hong Kong. His father worked security for the British Consulate, and his mother worked in the same place as a systems specialist. When 1997 rolled around, the family moved back to England. When Norman was nineteen, he inherited a staggering amount of money from his grandfather, enough to let him live in the lap of luxury for life. Still, Norman wanted to do something, accomplish something. He attended college at Oxford, and had a real flair for linguistics. He was recruited by M.I.6, and soon proved to be a capable agent. Norman is now stationed back in Hong Kong, taking care of business for the Crown in the Pacific Rim area. His cover is as an old money thrill seeker who keeps himself busy as a photographer. Norman also takes jobs under the table as a mercenary. This is all done to gather intelligence and serve the interests of the Crown.

Norman Knight

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