Agony Grenade


This looks like a grenade with an ARB casing and a clawed demonic hand for a pin. To charge it up, plug it into an AI/O port and leave it there until you suffer a single attack. You then unplug it and keep it handy until you want to throw it. (Multiple attacks do not charge the grenade multiple times; it only charges once.) Use a Strength check to throw the grenade, as per the throwing rules on p. 142. When it hits the ground, it emits arcane energy over an area. Make an Arcanowave Device check against a Difficulty of 6; the Outcome is the radius of the effect in meters. The radius is centered on the grenade. All within the affected area suffer Impairment penalties. Impairment is equal to the number of Wound Points you suffered from the blow which you used to charge the grenade divided by 3 (round down). Affected beings do not suffer any actual injuries from this effect; the arcane energy is stimulating the pain centers in their brains. Only living beings are affected by agony grenades. The effect lasts for a number of shots equal to the Outcome of the Arcanowave Device check.

There is a mystic link between the character charging the agony grenade and the grenade itself; if anyone else attempts to throw an agony grenade, it is a dud. There is no addition to the Difficulty of a mutation check for throwing a grenade, but there is one for charging it up in the first place—the single shot in which you took damage from an attack and thus charged the grenade.

Agony grenades retain their charge until the end of the session; at the start of the next session, any charged grenades have lost their charge completely. If you take this schtick, you have an essentially unlimited supply of grenades, but can keep only one charged for each Agony Grenade schtick you’ve taken. Of course, you can always be separated from your bag full of the things if you get captured or fall out of a plane or something like that.

Agony Grenade

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