Arcano-wave Schticks vs Hardware Schticks

The fact of the matter is, both have their ups and downs. On the one hand, hardware is proven to be safe; nobody ever needs to worry about growing eyeballs in between their shoulder blades with an onboard computer. It is also tremendously effective; cyborgs can catch up with cars in a chase, throw manhole covers like they were shotputs, and generally do things that fleshy humans can’t.

On the other hand, pure technology is cumbersome. The robot limbs that arcanotech can offer are barely larger than a regular human limb, but with magical enhancement, they become amazingly strong and even give a sense of touch. Cyborg limbs are big, beefy, clunky, and although the cybernetic enhancement offers some compensation for the lack of nerves, it still feels like you’re wearing oven mitts or waffle irons. Not to mention that for stealth purposes, it’s very difficult to conceal a fully functioning missile launcher that you’ve got grafted onto your shoulder. Pure cybernetics are incredibly conspicuous, and there’s no way to leave them behind when you don’t want them. GMs shouldn’t forget this, and might levy penalties to skills in certain situations. For example, a cyborg trying to blend in at a suave dinner party will suffer serious penalties if his arm clanks when he moves.

Arcanotech is also more versatile. Yes, technological cyborgs can lift trucks and shoot big guns, but there are arcanowave devices that can stop bullets, hose fu powers, and short out sorcerers in their tracks. It’s also detachable; unless you have the robot limb schtick, you’ll be able to unplug your stuff and lead a relatively normal life.

The most important reason for arcanotech in the eyes of the CDCA, of course, is simply this: they don’t know much about it yet, and they want you as a human guinea pig.

Arcano-wave Schticks vs Hardware Schticks

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