Fs athelete

“Yo, Adrian! I’ma go in dere and win one for… uh… you know, dat one guy.”

Every age has its square-jawed, rock-muscled athletes. Antiquity celebrated its Olympians. The 1850s had its boxers and sumo wrestlers. In the 1990s, neckless footballers and thick-thighed soccer heroes had their days in the sun. And in 2056, consumers eagerly tune in “Combat Shopping” hoping for some diversion.

A lot of jocks are happy to endorse athletic shoes or take cushy training jobs from the king, but for a few, sport means something more than a gravy train. For the highest level of athlete, sport is a metaphor for life. Discipline, teamwork, a never-say-die spirit—these virtues are as important off the field as on it.

These few athletes see their gifts as an opportunity to help, inspire and guide the youth of their age into a better tomorrow. Some of these talented jocks even become entangled in the Secret War, where they’re not just playing for the championship—they’re playing for the future.

On the other hand, there’s also a few pro athletes who get stuck on the wrong side of a fix from the Ascended. Rather than go on some high-minded crusade, they just want revenge on the bastard who cost them their gold medal.

Juncture: Any


  • Bod 7
  • Chi 2
  • Mind 5
  • Ref 7
    Add 5 points to one secondary attribute of Body or Reflexes. Divide 4 points among any other secondary attributes. Max for all secondary attributes is 12.


  • Guns +1 (8) [Max 10]
  • Martial arts +5 (12) [Max 13]
  • Leadership +3 (9)
  • Seduction +1 (6)
  • Intimidation +3 (8)
  • Info/Sports +5 (10)
  • Driving +1 (8)
  • Add 4 skill bonuses. Swap Guns and Martial Arts if desired.

Schticks: Two stat schticks (see page 63) based on on eligible stat.

Weapons: One from the appropriate juncture

Quick Schtick Pick:
Stat Schticks: Me First, Shattering Blow Weapon:; 69: Boken (treat as club); 1850: Cricket Bat (treat as club); Contemporary: Steel briefcase full of stock options (treat as club) 2056: Hockey stick (treat as club)

Wealth Level: Rich

Source: Golden Comeback sourcebook


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