Police and military are frequently just one part of a larger force. Sometimes even crime syndicates operate this way. When things get really bad, such groups can call for Back-Up.

The more schticks the group has in Back-Up, the better it’s loved by the force and, so, the more reinforcements they send. The quality of these reinforcements depends on the group’s Authority or Dominion. See the show types for specific examples.

With one schtick in Back-Up, a couple of squad cars or sedans full of suits show up with pistols. With two schticks, some cars and a van come, armed with shotguns and submacs. With three schticks, armor and artillery arrives, like grenade launchers and SWAT teams. No group can have more than three schticks of Back-Up. Back-Up always consists of unnamed characters who work for the PCs’ bosses, not for the PCs. Named GMCs may arrive, too, at the GM’s discretion, but they shouldn’t displace the PCs for top billing.


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