All characters who have creature schticks have certain things in common. These are qualities, mostly unhelpful, that they all get no matter how they choose to spend their schticks.


All supernatural creatures, in their natural state, look somehow horrific. Exactly how your character looks is up to you, unless your type description specifies otherwise (but it has to be awful). The most popular forms are walking corpses and gigantic ogre types. They may have wild frizzy hair, horns, strangely-colored skin, pulsing veins, gigantic fangs, or whatever. Supernatural creatures are immediately recognizable as such and arouse fear and dread in any normal person. This can sometimes be quite useful: for example, when you want to intimidate or frighten someone. Supernatural creatures gain the Intimidate skill at +2 when in horrific form, even if they do not normally have it.

However, a horrific appearance does prevent you from moving easily in normal society as many other PC types are able to do without a second thought. Most regular folks will immediately organize efforts to hunt down and destroy supernatural creatures wherever they are on the loose. Abominations still attached to buro military missions in the 2056 juncture are not considered to be “on the loose.” In this natural state, a supernatural creature’s Charisma secondary attribute is effectively 2 when trying to make a positive impression. If you have spent more on Charisma and want to be able to use it in this manner, you must take the Transformation schtick for your character—see below. If you’re trying to look menacing (as with Intimidation checks) or make a negative impression, Charisma is as normal.


All supernatural creatures, except for ghosts, look much slower than they really are. They look like they stumble or hop along at a rate equal to half of their Move rating, but they still move at their full Move rating. They can shamble along at a seemingly lumbering pace and still keep up with prey running at top speed. Ghosts, however, look as fast as they are, if not faster


The feng shui sites of the various open junctures are controlled by different groups, some of whom want the chi flow to make it easy for supernatural creatures to operate, some of whom want to suppress them. This means that characters with creature schticks get modifiers to all of their Action Values depending on which juncture they are in. Note that the abomination character type has different modifiers in some junctures than do other supernatural creatures. This reflects the fact that they have been reconstructed with arcanowave technology, which works better in 2056 than in other junctures.

The Netherworld is neutral as far as supernatural creatures are concerned. Supernatural creatures do not suffer a modifier in contemporary Hong Kong for reasons no one has been able to learn. See p.101 for exact modifiers.


Supernatural creatures can’t be healed by practitioners of the Medicine skill, unless the practitioner is from the 69 juncture. They have no problems being healed by the fu power Healing Chi, the Heal schtick of Sorcery, or arcanowave Slap Patches.


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