Attribute Modifiers: Body +4, Will +4

Bellow Chi: 4 / Shots: 1
If you’ve been wounded, you can make an enraged, blood-curdling bellow. Make a Martial Arts check with an opponent’s Willpower as the Difficulty. If successful, opponent suffers Impairment equal to your current Wound Points ÷ 5 until end of sequence. You may target an additional opponent for each extra schtick spent on this power; take the highest Willpower among your targets as your Difficulty.

Fortitude Chi: 8 / Shots: 3
Use this power when you have reached 35 or more Wound Points. You may forgo making a death check until the end of the fight. Each time you receive more Wound Points during the fight, you must use Fortitude again or immediately make a death check.

Slap Chi: 1 / Shots: 3
Hit an opponent with a backhanded slap by making a Martial Arts check. If the check is successful, your opponent is hurled backwards a number of meters equal to the Outcome. He must make a check on his Dodge Action Value with your Action Result as the Difficulty, or suffer normal damage from your attack in addition to being knocked back.

Rage Chi: 5 / Shots: 1
Until end of sequence, you have an Armor rating equal to your current Wound Points ÷ 5.


Feng Shui: The Lost Island DJSchotte