Big Bruiser

Fs big buriser

“Was that supposed to hurt or something?”

You fight well because you are very big and very strong. You are not particularly fast, and don’t hit your opponent every time you swing. But when you do connect—look out. You can also take much more punishment than the average opponent. You can take most fighters’ best shots and remain standing. You can often head off a fight simply by standing and raising yourself to your full height. You’ve had lots of practice being intimidating. Most people assume that you’re stupid simply because you’re big, a mistake that you’ve learned to play to your advantage. Sometimes you play dumb, causing others to underestimate you. You find it easy to get jobs that require physical strength: You may have worked as a manual laborer, or as a guard of some kind. You might have been a security guard, a bouncer, or a bodyguard to someone rich and/or famous. You might be a quiet, gentle giant or a bullying loudmouth. You are definitely a mountain of determination and endurance.

Juncture: any


  • Bod =11 (Tgh =12)
  • Chi 0
  • Mnd 5
  • Ref 5
    Add 2 to any one primary attribute.


  • Guns +3 (8) [Max 10]
  • Info/your choice +2 (7)
  • Intimidation +4 (9)
  • Martial Arts +7 (=12)
    Add a total of +6 in Skill Bonuses to these skills and/or to additional skills of your choice. Weapons: 3 weapons of appropriate juncture

Unique Schtick: You make Death Checks (see p. 135) only when you reach 50 Wound Points; -1 Impairment at 40 Wound Points, and -2 Impairment at 45 Wound Points.

Quick Schtick Pick:

  • 69: really big sword, club, bow
  • 1850: really big sword, club, rifle,
  • Cntp.: baseball bat, Colt King Cobra, Bernadelli shotgun
  • 2056: club, Buro Beat Patroller, Buro Crimestopper

Wealth Level: poor

Source: Atlas Games’ Feng Shui Core Rules

Big Bruiser

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