Blink Suit


Professor Powerhouse, a Jammer researcher, conceived of this artifact attempting to create a working teleporter. Unfortunately, Powerhouse didn’t understand arcanowave technology and its connection to the Netherworld very well. On the plus side, he did pioneer a new branch of temporary gate research before he disappeared. His ultimate arcanowave creation consists of a man-sized, sarcophagus-looking booth and a form-fitting spandex bodysuit holding thin plates of ARB receivers against the wearer’s body. The sarcophagus serves as a receiving, transporting and charging station for the blink suit. Theoretically the blink suit allows the wearer to phase in and out of reality, giving him an advantage in combat as well as allowing instantaneous transportation back to a central location. In practice, not so much.

The suit suffers from unpredictable interactions with the Netherworld, which is supposed to provide a conduit for the suit’s teleportation ability. The wearer must make a successful Arcanowave Device roll of Difficulty 10 each time the suit activates to anticipate what effect it will have. The effects and duration of the blink suit’s abilities are not easily predictable: The GM rolls to determine both. It takes 5 shots to activate the suit, and one shot to deactivate it. Using blink suit successfully takes great skill, timing and a bit of luck.

Blink Suit Outcome Chart
  • 1-2; Insubstantial—As the Creature ability with no restrictions (lasts d6 shots)
  • 3-4; Teleport back to the charging station in d6 shots
  • 5; Teleport to a random location in the Netherworld in d6 shots
  • 6; Random body part becomes intangible for d6 shots. (Roll: 1 = head, 2 = right arm, 3 = left arm, 4 = torso, 5 = right leg, 6 = left leg)

Blink Suit

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