Both Guns Blazing


You can hurt a single opponent really badly by shooting him simultaneously with a gun held in each hand. Needless to say, you need to be employing two guns that can be fired with one hand each: handguns fit the bill, and so do other firearms that are described as having a pistol grip or as capable of being fired one-handed.

When you successfully hit an opponent with the Both Guns Blazing schtick, the Wound Points suffered by the opponent are figured as follows: Total Damage Rating of Both Guns – (Opponent’s Toughness x 2) + Outcome = Wound Points Suffered.

Your GM will tell you the Toughness of an opponent as you make a Both Guns Blazing attack. (If this bothers any GMs, remember that shooting somebody in the chest with a couple of .45s is actually a pretty good way of finding out how much punishment he can handle.) You have to do the figuring involved and give the GM the final result.

If you buy only one schtick’s worth of Both Guns Blazing, any two-gun attacks you make with it are at a -2 Action Value penalty. If you buy two schticks in it, the penalty is -1. If you buy three schticks, the penalty is 0. For each additional schtick you purchase, you gain a +1 Action Value bonus when using Both Guns Blazing.

Both Guns Blazing

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