Bullet Storm


Similar to Cover Fire, Bullet Storm is a little more intense. This schtick requires a fully automatic weapon and costs all your remaining shots. While using Bullet Storm you cannot actively dodge or target any specific foe. Your rounds fly unerringly, not to strike your opponents but to distract them. Sparks, cement shards and wood splinters jump and dance in front of your enemies’ faces, throwing off their aim and forcing them to jump for cover. At the end of the sequence, your clip is empty, but you won’t run out of bullets before completing Bullet Storm.

Each schtick in this ability gives all your opponents a –1 penalty when attacking, regardless of whom they’re attacking. (Bullet Storm does not lower their skills for the purposes of dodging.) Additionally, all unnamed attackers must make a Willpower check against your Charisma or be forced to actively dodge the first shot you open up with Bullet Storm.

Ironically, Bullet Storm never hurts anyone.

Bullet Storm

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