Concealed Weapon


There’s a song by Negativland called “Guns: Now.” In it, they’ve got a bunch of samples from God knows where—some woman interviewing a guy who was marketing concealable handguns specifically to women. It’s a fun song rife with quotes like about how guns are “no more difficult to operate than a household appliance” and such. But the really germane quote is when the interviewer says “Okay, hold it: Where do you hide the gun in a bikini?”

The answer isn’t given in “Guns: Now,” but you could get a good response from any female shooter with a schtick or two in Concealed Weapons. (Incidentally, “Concealed Weapons” is also a song. J. Giles Band, I think.) As you might guess from the name, this schtick lets you hide guns real good. For each Concealed Weapons schtick you take, you reduce the Concealment of each gun you’re carrying by one. Of course, you can’t reduce a Concealment below one and carry an infinite number of guns (nice idea though), and you can’t take more than 3 schticks (so you’re never going to get that Hellharrower under your raincoat).

I wanted to call this schtick “Where the Hell Did That Gun Come From?” but it was too long to fit on the character sheet.

Concealed Weapon

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