Cover Fire


How many times have you seen this in a movie? The hero’s getting ready to run across an open patch between two spots of cover. With a steely glint in his eyes, he glances at his sidekick and grunts “Cover me.” Lucky for him, his sidekick has this schtick.

When you use Cover Fire, you shoot wildly at up to five characters. If you roll higher than the highest AV the five have among them, you do no Damage, but all of them act one shot later. (Effectively, you force them all to actively dodge.) If you have two schticks, they act two shots later. You can’t have more than two schticks in Cover Fire.)

Using Cover Fire requires you to shoot five times. Using this is still a three shot action—it just takes five bullets out of your gun. If your gun is capable of autofire, you can target up to eight characters in a three shot action. This takes six bullets (two three round bursts). If you use a Buro Godhammer, you can do this by emptying the whole five shot clip. Once again, a cool name comes to the rescue.

Cover Fire

Feng Shui: The Lost Island DJSchotte