Attribute Modifiers: Toughness +3, Will +3, Reflexes +3

Impervious Chi: 3 / Shots: 1
After you are hit by gunfire, you may elect to take no Wound Points and instead convert the Wound Points you would normally have suffered into Chi Points, which you must spend by the end of the sequence. Any unspent Chi points become Wound points again at the end of the sequence, so use them up quick. Imperviousness only applies to gunfire damage.

Pincer Chi: X / Shots: 3
Hit an opponent bare-handed with a Martial Arts check; if successful, you may add X (any amount of Chi you elect to spend) to the Damage rating for your attack.

Scuttle Chi: X / Shots: 1
Add X (any amount of Chi you elect to spend) to your active Dodge rating until end of sequence.

Shell Chi: 4 / Shots: 1
You gain 2 points of Armor until end of sequence. Each additional schtick spent increases the Armor gain by 2. The maximum armor that any transformed animal can gain through any combination of transformed animal schticks is 8


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