Fs cyborg

“For an obsolete model I can poke a pretty big hole in your head so I’d drop that attitude a couple of notches, Consumer.”

You are a failed early experiment by the Architects of the Flesh. Before they hit upon the bright idea of kidnapping Supernatural Creatures from the past and altering them cybernetically, they spent some time working on cybernetic alterations of humans and even other primates. The idea was that super soldiers could be created through cybernetics; the dictatorial Buro wanted combatants who could strike fear into entire enemy units. What they didn’t tell their recruits was that they were only able to master cybernetic technology by combining it with Arcanowave theory; the devices operated on magical as well as scientific principles. The program was an enormous failure; for every individual who survived the multi-million dollar process, there were a dozen who either croaked on the operating table or who mutated into hideous creatures beyond the control of their Buro masters. You were one of the lucky ones—if luck is what you can call it. After a few abortive missions (in which you were exposed to battlefield horrors that haunt you to this day) you were unceremoniously discharged from the armed forces. After a few laughable counseling sessions, you were sent back to the life of drudgery that most workers in 2056 face. You were expected to act like any other consumer, as if nothing had happened. You may have managed to grab yourself some restricted military hardware before being kicked off the base but you haven’t used it much, if at all. You’ve heard that those who use the devices can come down with all manner of weird symptoms. And you heard other things, too: That there was a network of rebels who wanted to bring the Buro down. They were to be found in this weird magical realm called the Netherworld. Despite the unblinking eye of the security state, you risked your life to track down the people who knew how to find this place. You found the Netherworld and learned about the secret war. You are more than ready to put your unnatural abilities to good use—probably against the very government that rebuilt you and then tossed you away like yesterday’s processing chip.

Juncture: 2056


  • Bod 5
  • Chi 0
  • Mnd 5
  • Ref 5
    Add 3 to any single primary attribute. Add 1 to any other primary attribute. Add 2 to any secondary attribute.


  • Arcanowave Device +7 (7) [Max 11]
  • Guns +8 (=13)
  • Martial Arts +6 (=11)
  • Sabotage +2 (7) [Max 13]
    Add 6 skill bonuses. Swap the Skill Bonuses and Action Values of Guns and Martial Arts if desired.

Schticks: 4 Arcanowave Devices, 1 gun schtick

Weapons: Two guns from the 2056 juncture

Quick Schtick Pick:

  • Arcanowave Devices: Neural Stimulator, Robot Arm, Slap Patch, Spirit Shield Generator
  • Gun Schtick: Carnival of Carnage

Weapons: Buro9A, Buro Blue Flag

Wealth Level: working stiff

Source: Atlas Games’ Feng Shui Core Rules


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