Dismantled Weapon


Any halfway competent rent-a-cop or national guardsman can field strip a pistol, but it takes a real professional to field strip a weapon during combat—when it’s being used against you.

If you have this schtick, you can use Guns instead of Martial Arts when fighting hand to hand—but only when you’re trying mess with an opponent’s piece. If you succeed at a Guns check against your opponent, you can grab, twist and pull your opponent’s weapon in such a way that it jams, pops its clip or is otherwise rendered non-deadly. Field stripped weapons are treated as jammed, requiring 8 shots to reassemble. Each additional schtick gives a +1 to this ability, at three schticks a second check is performed to see if the successfully dismantled weapon is damaged.

This ability has no effect on hand to hand weapons.

Dismantled Weapon

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