You can overcome the wills of others and force them to do your bidding. You must be able to see the victim of the Domination attempt, and he must be able to see you. (A two-way video link is acceptable, for example.) You make a Creature Power check and spend a Magic point; your victim’s highest Action Value is the Difficulty. If you succeed, then your victim makes a check with his highest Action Value; the difficulty is the Outcome of your just-made Creature Power check. If your victim succeeds, then your Domination attempt fails.

If you succeed, your victim must follow your orders for a number of sequences equal to the Outcome. These orders need not be voiced; the victim will intuitively understand what you want him to do and attempt to fulfill the spirit as well as letter of your commands. The victim will not engage in directly suicidal actions, but will follow other commands that involve severe risks.

You may gain the following benefits by spending additional schticks on this ability:

One extra schtick: Victim will recall being dominated but will not remember specific actions undertaken while dominated. These memories can be recovered through hypnotic regression, or inventive use of the Sorcery schtick Influence.

Two extra schticks: Victim will have no memory of being dominated, but will be aware of a chunk of “missing time.” Memories can be recovered, as above.

Three extra schticks: Victim won’t even know about the missing time until prompted through hypnotic regression or Influence.

Four extra schticks: Victim’s memories of domination can’t be recovered, period.


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