Every-man Hero

Fs everyman hero

“Hey, I may not have the faintest clue what’s going on here, but I’m an American, dammit! And that means I got two strong American fists, and a big American heart—and a big American gun!”

The Everyman Hero is just a regular person who works for a living, probably in a blue collar job. Maybe you’re a factory worker, a truck driver, a plumber, or a sailor. In past junctures, you might be a good-hearted and brave—but dim—peasant or serf. You may be on vacation when the action begins, or find yourself in a crossfire as the result of a job-related errand. Aside from taking care of your melodramatic hook, all you really want to do is sit down with a can of beer and watch some sports at the local bar. But somehow trouble always comes looking for you. That’s because of your basic, essential decency and/or stupidity. And also your peculiar luck. On one hand, your luck gets you through situations that even you don’t believe you could survive. But on the other hand, your luck tends to get you into weird and frightening situations to begin with because the good guys need your help. Whenever you go on vacation, you find yourself mixed up with gangsters, weird cultists, or mysterious creatures. Whenever you go into a bar, there’s always some blowhard spoiling for a fight. If you’re among a crowd of thousands at a sports stadium, and a kid running away from kidnappers is going to break from her captors and run pell-mell into somebody screaming for help, it’s you she’ll run into. You always promise yourself that the next time trouble starts, you’re just going to turn your back and walk away. But when it comes right down to it, when you see somebody being bullied, or bad guys running rampant, you can’t resist diving into the fray in order to set things right. You’re a simple person who believes in simple, old-fashioned values. Values that suddenly seem to be an endangered species in this increasingly crazy world. You may not be the smartest, or the strongest, or the most skilled person in the world. But you’re a good guy, and “Good guys always finish—ugh! Hey, wha’d you shoot me for? Oh, man, now I’m bleeding… howzabout a knuckle sandwich?”

Juncture: any


  • Bod 5
  • Chi 0 (For =10)
  • Mnd 5 (Wil 6)
  • Ref 5
    Divide 4 points among your primary attributes. Add 1 to a single secondary attribute.

Skills: Driving +4 (9) [Max 14]

  • Guns +1 (6) [Max 13]
  • Info/Beer +8 (13)
  • Info/Classic Cars +5 (10)
  • Info/Sports Fan +8 (13)
  • Info/Stadium Rock +7 (12)
  • Martial Arts +5 (10) [Max 13]
    Add 5 Skill Bonuses. If you want new areas of knowledge for your Info skills, be prepared for the GM to veto anything which isn’t sufficiently lowbrow. You should change your Info skills to more appropriate areas if you’re from 69, 1850, or 2056.

Unique Schtick:
1) Fortune Dice you’ve spent do not reduce your Fortune rating for the purposes of making Fortune checks.
2) You get +1 AV for any creative attack you make with an improvised weapon. Pool cues, barbells, frozen chicken dinners, weather-vanes, beer bottles, and so on can all be weapons. If the same improvised weapon is used excessively, no bonus is received it is no longer considered an improvised weapon.

Weapons: None. You’ll just have to find one somewhere. However, if the campaign starts in the middle of a fight then you might want to consult with your GM to see if you’ve already snagged one.

Wealth Level: working stiff

Credit: Atlas Games’ Feng Shui Core Rules

Every-man Hero

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