General Animal Schticks

There are some attributes common to all animals, and some that are possessed by too many species to waste the space reprinting it over and over. For this reason, several schticks have been included that may be selected if they pertain to your transformed animal.

Predator, Chi: 3 / Shots: 1
You know what it is to be high enough on the food chain to lord it over the lesser creatures. For the rest of this sequence, all who can see you suffer -2 to all Charisma based skills when dealing with you if their Willpower is less than your Chi rating. You cannot possess both the Predator and Prey schticks.

Prey, Chi: 3 / Shots: 1
You have become hyper-aware of the world around you and all its hidden menaces. Your subconscious works overtime, processing millions of sensory impulses into a feeling of dread when danger lurks. When you are threatened, your GM will make a Perception check against your opponent’s Intelligence to see if you detect the ambush. The effective range is your Chi rating in meters. Note that it is just a feeling, and not a specific direction and distance. Also note that intentionally walking into a dangerous situation negates this schtick entirely. Each additional schtick grants +2 to your Perception check. You cannot possess both the Predator and Prey schtick.

Fu Advantage, Chi: 4 / Shots: 1
The masters learned their Kung Fu from watching nature in its raw essence. You are more than familiar with what it is to be an animal, and thus those schools that are based on your animal type are more readily learned. New fu schticks that are based on your animal type (such as Path of the Healthy Tiger for a transformed Tiger) are learned at 2 + X experience points. In addition, anyone who uses a Path based on your animal type against you does so at a -1 disadvantage unless that person is also a transformed animal of your type.

Doolittling, Chi: 2 / Shots: 1
You can reach deep within your psyche and recall what each wink, wiggle, twitter and hiss means to an animal of your type. Make an Intelligence check to initiate dialogue between yourself and your kin. Bear in mind that you left that particular species behind for a reason most communicate little more than immediate instincts, and few can be convinced to perform actions that are harmful to themselves. Each additional schtick spent increases the range of animals with which you can speak: Monkeys to Primates to Mammals, as an example.

Hibernate, Chi: Special / Shots: Special
You have the ability to put yourself into a state of suspended animation for a period of time. During this state you seem, for all appearances, to be dead. You do not require food, water or air, though violence will kill you just as if you were merely sleeping (explaining why those who possess this schtick often fashion a hidden stronghold before slumber). While asleep, your wounds heal, your mind is restful, and, most important of all, you become immune to the effects of Reversion, no matter how magical the environment. When you enter hibernation, you establish a specific trigger that will awaken you. It can be as mundane as the passage of a certain amount of time, or when the Magical Difficulty of a given area becomes too high, or even if someone enters the place where your body is stored. When you awaken, your body feels like it’s coursing with chi, but this is an illusion. It takes time to reawaken yourself to the flow of chi in the world. While you may have a full complement of Chi Points, it regenerates at a rate equal to the amount of hours since you have awakened. Thus, four hours after waking up, you may only regenerate four Chi Points each sequence. Awakening at a feng shui site shortens the time from hours to minutes. After awakening, you may not re-use this schtick for an amount of days equal to your Chi rating. The maximum amount of time you may hibernate varies according to how many schticks you have spent on this ability. The base is one week, and increases as month, year, decade, century, and millennium.

Pheromones, Chi: 3 / Shots: 1
Your animal biochemistry still runs strong, and you have learned to adapt it to reawaken those parts of the human brain vulnerable to lust. You gain a +2 advantage on all social checks against those who find your gender appealing. Bear in mind that the pheromones may also incite others to rage if they see (and smell) you encroaching on their “territory.” Each additional schtick increases the advantage +1, to a maximum of +5.

Latency, Chi: 3 / Shots: 1
Animal genes are somewhat weak in you. If you were born in any juncture other than AD 69, you now make Reversion checks as if you were from AD 69. Spending an additional schtick grants a +1 to the Action Value to resist Reversion. Spending an additional schtick also allows you to temporarily “jiggle” your DNA, making identification through DNA sampling problematic at best.

General Animal Schticks

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