Fs ghost

“Although the gulf of life and death separates us, can I still not love you?”

The 69 juncture, with its high level of magic, is rife with ghosts—spirits of the dead who refuse to leave the trappings of mortal life behind. The Netherworld is also home to many ghosts, former secret warriors whose life forces were too strong to depart the Inner Kingdom when their physical bodies died. You are a spirit who hails from one of these locations. Some ghosts are evil spirits who prey on the living, motivated either by jealousy of the living or by the same malign intentions they harbored in life. But you are tied to the Earth for some other reason. Your soul cannot rest, for in life you swore a solemn oath to complete some great undertaking. And you’re not going to let a little thing like death stand in your way. This crucial unfinished business is probably your melodramatic hook. You may have sworn to protect someone, to wreak vengeance on an enemy, or to recover some lost treasure or artifact. Ghosts have a bad habit of falling in love with mortals, and can often be stunningly beautiful and attractive to the opposite sex. Although you know such loves are forbidden, you may already find yourself in a romantic entanglement that crosses the sacred barrier between the living and the dead. If you are not in such a doomed relationship, you are sufficiently prone to such temptations that you might end up in one before the series is out. Whether you willingly participate in the secret war, or whether the vow that keeps you tied to this plane forces you to do so, you are about to learn that dying was only the beginning of your troubles.

Juncture: 69, Netherworld


  • Bod 5
  • Chi 0 (Mag =7)
  • Mnd 5 (Cha =8)
  • Ref 5
  • Divide 6 points among primary attributes, spending no more than 4 on any one attribute.


  • Creature Powers +7 (=14)
  • Info/Musicianship +4 (9)
  • Seduction +5 (13) [Max 15]
  • Sorcery +6 (=13)
    Add 4 Skill Bonuses. Feel free to change the Info skill to some other pleasant hobby or diversion that you loved to pursue when you were still alive.


  • 2 Sorcery schticks
  • Creature Power: Flight
  • Creature Power: Insubstantial
  • 1 other Creature Power

Unique Limitation: You can’t be healed by characters using the Medicine skill, unless they learned the Medicine skill in AD 69.

Quick Schtick Pick:

  • Blast
  • Influence
  • Flight
  • Insubstantial
  • Damage Immunity (bullets)

Wealth Level: poor

Credit: Atlas Games’ Feng Shui Core Rules


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