Gnarled Marauder

Gnarled marauder

This demon from the Underworld resembles a walking sea anemone with dozens of flailing tentacles, each of them with a barbed hook on the end. Its flesh is warty and, well, gnarled. Despite their appearance, these things are intelligent, and in fact have a taste for poetry and fine calligraphy. Unfortunately—especially for poets and calligraphers—their taste for the flesh of the living is even greater. Gnarled marauders are on good terms with Gao Zhang and the Eaters of the Lotus, who have fed many screaming victims to them since coming to power.

Gnarled Marauder

Attributes: Bod 8, Chi 4, Mnd 6, Ref 5

Skills: Creature Powers 8, Martial Arts 8

Schticks: Abysmal Spines x 2, Amphibian, Conditional Escalation (Body increases by 1 whenever targeted by successful Sorcery task check), Tentacles x 6

Weaponry: tentacle barbs (12), bite (9)

Gnarled Marauder

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