Guiding Hand Gardner

Gh g gardener

“Do not attune to this site! It is corrupted with sorcery and needs to be cleansed.”

You are one of Quan Lo’s gardeners, an expert in the art of feng shui. While you have been trained in martial arts, your real duties lie elsewhere. When a feng shui site needs to be found, purified, or protected, Quan Lo calls on you. You have spent the better part of your life studying the Wind and the Water. You know thousands of rules that govern feng shui. If an enemy geomancer is ruining the chi flow of a Guiding Hand site, you know how to restore the correct flow. Since you are also an expert on ruining the chi flow of sites, you are often sent on covert missions of sabotage. You know that your knowledge is vital to the cause of the Guiding Hand in the Secret War. Quan Lo will not be disappointed in you.

Juncture: 1850, contemporary

*Attribute*s: Bod 5, Chi 5, Mnd 5, Ref 5

  • 3 points to one primary attribute
  • 2 points to a second
  • 1 point to a third.


  • Info/Calligraphy +5 (10)
  • Info/Geomancy=15
  • Info/Confucian Classics +5 (10)
  • Martial Arts +5 (10) [Max 13]
  • Medicine +3 (8)
    Add 3 skill bonuses.

Schtick: 1 HTH weapon, 2 Fu schticks

Unique Schtick: The Gardener can use the following effects of the Fertility sorcery schtick: De-attunement, Observe Chi, and Restore Chi. These powers are not magical and are based on the Gardener’s Info/Geomancy skill.

Quick Schtick Pick: staff, Claw of the Tiger, Flow Restoration

Wealth Level: poor

Source: Book of the Valiant

Guiding Hand Gardner

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