Helix Mine


The Helix Mine is a discarded offshoot of the arcanotech research that created the Helix Ripper. The original intent of the Helix Mine was to create a weapon that would disrupt the inner chi of an enemy. It soon became obvious that the device was more effective against Buro troops than the Jammer and Guiding Hand opponents it was fielded against. Initially it was supposed to detonate when it detected the particular “chi deadness” of certain Jammers, but those Mines tended to simply blow up as soon as no one was around. Those designed to fire when Kung Fu powers were used also had little practical use: They could detect the expenditure of Chi, but since fu powers are usually up close and personal, the Mines wound up injuring as many Architect troops as Hand warriors.

The Jammer Helix Mines, on the other hand, go off when they detect either arcanowaves or demonic emanations. They’re the size of a thick manhole cover and constructed of especially dense ARB. Titanium carrying handles fold out of the top to allow troops to carry the device (combined Strength must equal 15 to carry).

Once positioned the Helix Mine is only activated if it detects an active AI/O port or a creature power used within three meters of its location. The Mine then levitates into the air, spinning quickly as it does, and fires bolts of sorcerous power all around it. These pulses go off every three shots, and target everyone within 10 meters. These attacks are resolved using the Arcanowave Device power of the Mine’s owner, with no penalty for multiple targets. The damage rating is 10.

The Helix Mine can be deactivated one of two ways: By removing all arcanowave tech within 1 meter of its location or by simply turning the device over and flipping off a conveniently located switch.

Before being planted, the Helix mine has to be “charged up” by its owner. Every sequence it spends charging is one sequence it can spend firing. Incidentally, the Mine’s owner’s active AI/O ports can set the mine off just like any other active port.

Helix Mine

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