Ice Tiger

Quote: “Rrrraaawr!”

Statss: Bod 10, Chi 0 (Fu 4), Mnd 2, Ref 8

Skills: Martial Arts 12, Info/Bodyguard 4

Unquie Schticks: Bodyguard (Chi: 1 / Shots: 3): At the beginning of each sequence, the Ice Tiger chooses a ward. For that sequence, any time the ward is the victim of an attack, the Ice Tiger may announce a defensive action, spend Chi and make a Martial Arts roll against the attack AV. On a positive Outcome, the attack strikes the Tiger rather than the ward. Figure the damage of the diverted attack by using the attacker’s original AV and the Ice Tiger’s unmodified defensive AV.

Schticks: Claw of The Tiger, Tiger Stance, Unyielding Tiger Stance

Weapons:claw (13)

Ice Tiger

Feng Shui: The Lost Island DJSchotte