Jiang "Hopping Vampires"

Hopping vampire

The most famous Hong Kong movie monster is the jiangshi, or hopping vampire, who manages to be vaguely ridiculous and extremely deadly at the same time. These undead creatures aren’t really bloodsuckers in the literal sense, but they do have a contagion power that turns their victims into more hopping vampires. Those affected by its Corruption schtick always turn into jiangshi themselves.

Hopping vampires look like somewhat decomposed humans, wearing the robes of ancient noblemen. Their eyes glow red and their fingernails are frightfully long and sharp. Although they can move only by hopping, that doesn’t slow them down any.

Jiangshi aren’t intelligent: they can’t speak, think, or employ complex strategies in pursuing their prey. But pure determination and single-mindedness can be scary, too: These things never give up.

The best way to deal with a hopping vampire is to slap onto its forehead a piece of rice paper with mystical calligraphic symbols on it. Any character with the Summoning schtick of Sorcery can create these paper amulets as a trivial action; no task check is required. Any character, sorcerer or not, can deactivate a jiangshi by slapping the paper firmly to the creature’s forehead. This requires a Martial Arts check with the Difficulty being the jiangshi’s Dodge rating. Once the paper is fixed to the thing’s headit’s a good idea to stick some glue to it before slapping it on—the jiangshi goes into dormancy, standing at attention and unable to move.

Jiangshi are unable to hop across a solid line of uncooked sticky rice. Make sure your rice dealer isn’t cheating you, though, because lower grades of rice don’t do squat against them. A pure diet of sticky rice can also cure you if you’re part-way through the process of turning into a hopping vampire yourself. It usually takes 3 or 4 days of rice-eating to purge your system of their Corruption effect.

As far as can be determined, hopping vampires don’t wear black very often and only rarely suffer from angst. They’re too busy menacing square-jawed action heroes and turning the hero’s best friend into an undead creature of the nigh

Hopping Vampire

Attributes: Bod 8, Chi 0, Mnd 0, Ref 5

Skills: Creature Powers 10, Martial Arts 8

Schticks: Abysmal Spines (well, claws, actually) x 3, Corruption, Damage Immunity: Blast (one exception of your choice), Damage Immunity: bullets, Regeneration x 2

Weapons: claws (11)

Jiang "Hopping Vampires"

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