Karate Cop

Fs karate cop

“You have the right to remain silent. [WHACK!] You have the right to an attorney. [WHACK!] Anything you say can and will [THUMP!] be used against you in a court of [WHACK!]”

You are a loyal, team-playing officer of the law who happens to be about as adept in the martial arts as you are with your service revolver. In modern or futuristic terms, you may be a plainclothes detective or a uniformed beat walker. But every era has its honest and efficient law enforcement officials, and the Karate Cop is found throughout the time stream. Your study of the ancient fighting arts of China has taught your a sense of calm and serenity that may elude your fellow police officers. You believe in doing things by the book, but when it comes to a crunch, you will bend the law to serve higher justice. Unlike the Maverick Cop, your transgressions against procedure stem from impulsiveness rather than a cynical disregard for the justice system. You’re the officer that the lieutenant wouldn’t mind his kid marrying. Your modest home is full of awards and citations for bravery. You strongly believe in being a good role model for kids, and probably help out as a volunteer in your spare time, helping underprivileged kids to learn the martial arts. You really think that it’s still possible for honest people to get ahead in the world, and that good will always triumph in the end. The one thing that makes you lose your cool is genuine evil. You may have a positive view of life, but that doesn’t make you naïve—or less determined to make sure that righteousness prevails.

Juncture: any


  • Bod 5
  • Chi 0
  • Mnd 5
  • Ref 5
  • Add 3 to one primary attribute and 2 to another. Add 2 to one secondary attribute and 1 to another. Max 10 on all primary and secondary attributes.


  • Driving +6 (11)
  • Guns +8 (=13)
  • Martial Arts +9 (=14)
  • Police +4 (9)
    Add 6 Skill Bonuses.

Unique Schticks:
1) You can deliver a stirring speech that will convince any basically righteous and law-abiding GMC of your honesty and integrity. People you impress in this way will want to help you out, although they won’t wreck their own lives to do it. If you spend a Fortune die, you can likewise win over a shady or disreputable person. This ability doesn’t work on GMCs that the GM considers to be the main antagonists in the current storyline or who would otherwise derail the plot.
2) You gain a +2 Action Value bonus when using your Martial Arts skill to execute acrobatic maneuvers that aren’t direct attacks on opponents in combat.

Weapons: 2 weapons of appropriate juncture

Quick Schtick Pick:

  • 69: sword, staff
  • 1850: club, pistol
  • Cntp: Colt Detective Special, Remington 870
  • 2056: Buro Beat Patroller, Buro Crimestopper

Wealth Level: working stiff

Credit: Atlas Games’ Feng Shui Core Rules

Karate Cop

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