Magic Cop

Fs magic cop

“There are some things that man was meant not to know. It’s my job to hunt down those things and kill them.”

Even in junctures where magic is rare and difficult to perform, there are still supernatural occurrences. Many large police jurisdictions secretly maintain small units of officers trained in the mystic arts. These cops are able to take on the occasional renegade sorcerer or shaman who might pop up, and can dispatch demons and ghosts without freaking out. You are one of these cops. You’re probably a loner; the system is set up so you have little contact with regular law enforcement officials. Other officers think you’re nuts, if they know who you are at all.

Alternately, you might be a crusading priest or exorcist who fights supernatural forces in the name of your religion. Depending on the religion, you might act as part of a formal church hierarchy, taking orders from your clerical superiors. Or, in the case of religions without an organized structure, you might be a self-appointed crusader against magical forces. Whether you are police officer or clerical crusader, whether you take orders or follow your own private mission, you have built up tough mental defenses against the creatures of the night. To normal folks, you come off as grim or aloof. You might think of yourself as a holy warrior, implacably gunning down anything that smacks of the occult. Or maybe you wish you could build a bridge between the world of the supernatural and the world of everyday humanity. Magic cops are often drawn into the secret war as they hunt down agents of the Lotus or Architects, discovering that there is much of the unseen world that even they know nothing about.

Juncture: any


  • Bod 5
  • Chi =2 (Mag =8)
  • Mnd 5
  • Ref 5
    Add 6 to primary attributes, spending no more than 3
    points on any one attribute.


  • Guns +7 (=12)
  • Info/Occult +7 (12)*
  • Police +3 (8)*
  • Sorcery +5 (=13)
  • For crusading priests, replace with Info/[Your Specific Religion] +6 (11)
    Add 8 Skill Bonuses. Swap Guns and Sorcery if desired.


  • 2 gun schticks
  • Sorcery Abilities: Summoning, plus your choice of Divination, Fertility, or Heal

Weapons: 2 of appropriate juncture

Unique Schticks:
1) You get an extra effect within the Summoning schtick: True Form: You can cause a magically altered being, such as a transformed animal or a supernatural creature using the Transformation Creature Power, to revert to its true form. The Difficulty is the subject’s highest Action Value rating. In the case of transformed animals, you may attempt to use this spell on any given individual once only, and it costs you a Magic point to try. This cost is permanent. If you fail, you automatically suffer a serious Backlash, suffering 5 Wound Points for each point of difference between your Action Result and the Difficulty. These Wound Points are not reduced by Toughness or Armor.
2) You suffer no juncture penalties, if any, when using Sorcery in your home juncture.

Quick Schtick Pick:

  • Sorcery: Summoning, Divination
  • Gun Schticks: Eagle Eye, Hair-Trigger Neck Hairs
  • Weapons: 69: staff, sword; 1850: staff, sword; Cntp.: Colt Detective Special, Remington 870; 2056: Buro Beat Patroller, Buro Crimestopper

Wealth Level: working stiff

Credit: Atlas Games’ Feng Shui Core Rules

Magic Cop

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