Martial Artist

Fs martial artist

“Your kung fu is strong. You shall be a worthy opponent.”

You are an accomplished young student of one or more schools of hand-to-hand combat. You are as effective with your bare hands as with a variety of hand-to-hand weapons. You have also begun to learn a number of exotic chi powers. You have learned that the martial arts are more than just a series of combat moves. They represent an ancient and learned philosophy, one that preaches restraint, discipline, and humility. You work hard to live up to that philosophy. You choose your fights carefully, and work to uphold the values you have learned, such as reverence for elders, respect for the traditions of the past, and self-sacrifice for the greater good. You probably work at a humble job, caring little for material goods. The only goal you consider worthy of pursuing is the physical and spiritual perfection attained by the great masters of the past. You spend most of your time working out or studying the ancient texts. Your extreme dedication leaves you somewhat isolated from most people. Some think of you as naïve, others as insufferably self-righteous. You strive to shrug off the taunts and jealousies of the average person, but sometimes it’s hard. The extreme self-discipline you must exercise is sometimes wearying. But still you fervently believe that the goal is worth the sacrifice. When you encounter the outlines of the secret war, your dedication to honor and self-perfection leads you into the battle against evil without a second thought.

Juncture: any


  • Bod 5
  • Chi 0 (Fu =8)
  • Mnd 5
  • Ref 5
    Add a total of 6 points among your primary attributes. Max for all attributes is 10.


  • Info/Eastern Philosophy +6 (11)
  • Leadership +2 (7)
  • Martial Arts +10 (=15)
    Add 3 Skill Bonuses.

Schticks: Any three fu schticks

Weapons: One hand-to-hand weapon

Quick Schtick Pick:

  • Fu Schticks: Hands Without Shadow, Dim Mak, Lightning Fist
  • Weapons: nunchakus

Wealth Level: poor

Credit: Atlas Games’ Feng Shui Core Rules

Martial Artist

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