Maverick Cop

Fs maverick cop

“Freeze, scumbag!”

The Maverick Cop is a plainclothes detective assigned to a major crime unit of a big city. You may work under-cover, you may be in an anti-mob unit, or you may be a homicide detective. Good-looking but slovenly, you may have a drinking problem and definitely have a personal life in a state of serious disorder. Despite the fact that you are an authority figure yourself, you’ve always had a big problem with authority figures. You see your-self as a loner, but this may date back only as far as your last partner getting killed, which might relate to your melodramatic hook. You are always on the verge of being fired and are often on suspension. You keep your job only because your gruff superior officer has a secret soft spot for you, and because you get results. Although you always get the job done in the end, things always seem to conspire to make you look bad. People connected to your investigations have a bad habit of getting killed. Witnesses get snuffed. Bystanders fall like tenpins whenever you get into a gunfight. You may even have had a string of partners who have died in the line of duty. Most of all, you never seem to be able to just apprehend a crook. It’s not like you deliberately set out to empty the contents of your high-caliber revolver into each and every scumbag you’re supposed to arrest. They always force you to do it. You warn them even, tell them they shouldn’t be feeling lucky, shouldn’t ever get you riled. But they keep crossing you. And you keep bringing them down. Punks just never learn.

Juncture: 69, 1850, contemporary, 2056


  • Bod 5
  • Chi 0
  • Mnd 5
  • Ref 5
    Add 3 points to one primary attribute. Add 2 points to another primary attribute. Add 2 points to one secondary attribute.


  • Driving +10 (=15)
  • Guns +9 (=14)
  • Martial Arts +3 (8) [Max 10]
  • Police +2 (7)
    Add 4 Skill Bonuses.

Schticks: 4 gun schticks

Weapons: 3 weapons of appropriate juncture

Quick Schtick Pick:

  • Gun Schticks: Carnival of Carnage, Fast Draw, Lightning Reload, Signature Weapon
  • Weapons: 69: sword, polearm, bow; 1850: club, rifle, pistol; Cntp.: Desert Eagle .357, Magnum, Colt Detective Special, Remington 870; 2056: Buro 9, Buro Godhammer, Buro Blade of Truth

Wealth Level: working stiff

Credit: Atlas Games’ Feng Shui Core Rules

Maverick Cop

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