Attribute Modifiers: Fortune +2, Charisma +4, Reflexes +3

Bounce Chi: 3 / Shots: 3 + X
Make X number of Martial Arts checks, in which you bounce off available vertical surfaces such as trees, pillars, or walls (one bounce per check). Each bounce has a shot cost of 1 and a difficulty of 10. When you stop bouncing, you may launch a Martial Arts attack against any available target. Add 2 to your Martial Arts Action Value for that attack for each bounce you have just made. If you spend an additional schtick on this ability, add 3 for each bounce. If you spend an extra two schticks, add 4 for each bounce. You may not spend more than two additional schticks on this ability, ever. If you are somehow stopped from bouncing against your will, you gain no bonus for any attacks you subsequently launch.

Caper Chi: 3 / Shots: 1
You skitter wildly about—executing cartwheels, flips, and somersaults—when targeted by a ranged weapon or throwing weapon attack. The attacker makes his Guns or Martial Arts check, as appropriate; then you make a Martial Arts check. If your check exceeds that of your opponent, you may select any other character within range of you as the actual target of the attack. Range is your Chi rating in meters. For each additional schtick you take in this ability, add your Chi rating in meters to the range.

Diversion Chi: 3 / Shots: 3 + X
Execute a series of dazzling acrobatic maneuvers using your Martial Arts skill. The Difficulty is the Willpower rating of an opponent of your choice. If you are successful, the target stands slack-jawed in astonishment, unable to do anything until one of two conditions is met:
1. You stop. You may continue the use of Diversion until the end of the sequence, or stop at any time.
2. The target is the subject of an attack. He may then Dodge normally, and your hold on him is broken.
You may spend extra schticks on this ability to add to the number of targets you may affect, at a rate of one schtick per target. When used against multiple opponents, use the highest Willpower among your targeted opponents as the Difficulty.

Throw Chi: X / Shots: 3
Add X (the amount of Chi you elect to spend) to any Martial Arts check using a thrown weapon.


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