Monster Hunter

Fs monster hunter

“Sure, I worked for the Architects. It was better than a life as a vat worker, Consumer.”

You are a former low-level operative of the Architects, one trained to go back in time through the Netherworld and capture Supernatural Creatures to be transformed into Abominations. This curious specialty requires both a general fighting ability and the ability to wield Arcanowave weapons technology. When you signed up for duty in a SERU, or Supernatural Entity Retrieval Unit, you didn’t really know what you were getting into. You probably came from a modest working-class background, one of the billions of gray and downtrodden citizens under the tight control of the Buro. Without people to pull strings for you, you knew from a young age that the only way to get ahead was to be smart and determined. You excelled in school, and passed the tough exams to qualify for elite police work. You didn’t want to be one of the hated PubOrd officers, though, and thought you’d lucked out when you were posted to a SERU. You didn’t know much about SERU duties—ordinary folks aren’t supposed to know stuff like that—but you knew it was dangerous and comparatively well paid. In other words, glamor city. Well, the glamor began to wear off when you encountered the disturbing weirdness of the Netherworld. It got even thinner when you found yourself face to face with gnarled attuners, brain eaters, and other horrific demons. You were trained to be fearless and unflappable in the face of weird danger, and maybe you were. But you saw a lot of your fellow SERU members chewed up by monsters they weren’t prepared to handle, mostly due to the incompetent and impossible orders you were issued by out-of-touch superiors. Then you started to realize that—even though the things you were fighting were demons—what they were being turned into was something even worse. Although most SERU officers remained loyal (if cynical) servants of the Buro, your exposure to other junctures and the nature of the secret war changed your perspective. You began to realize that the bleak world you grew up in was not the only possible world. If you could use what the Buro taught you against them, you could change the course of history. Then you’d have a shot at taking out the real monsters.

Juncture: 2056


  • Bod 5
  • Chi 5
  • Mnd 5
  • Ref 5
    Divide 5 points among your primary attributes.


  • Arcanowave Device +10 (=15)
  • Guns +7 (=12)
  • Info/Ancient China +4 (9)
  • Martial Arts +4 (9) [Max 10]
    Add 4 Skill Bonuses.

Schticks: 1 gun schtick, 2 Arcanowave Devices

Weapons: 1 gun

Quick Schtick Pick:

  • Weapon: Buro 9A pistol
  • Gun Schtick: Eagle Eye
  • Arcanowave Devices: Agony Grenade, Helix Rethreader
  • Wealth Level: poor

Credit: Atlas Games’ Feng Shui Core Rules

Monster Hunter

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