Fs ninja

“If I wished to kill you, you would be dead already. You would not have seen me coming.”

If you hail from the 1850 juncture, you may be an actual member of the legendary Japanese secret society of assassins. But in Feng Shui, the term “Ninja” is also used generically to describe any operative who specializes in stealth and penetration missions. Although capable of holding your own during a fight, you prefer deception and surprise over the frontal assault. Ninjas maintain a mystique around themselves, often pretending to have secret mystical powers. Although the Ninja does have a passing acquaintance with exotic chi abilities, the mystery surrounding you is mostly due to your own wit and presence. It is not fame that you crave so much as cultivating that mystique. You wish your deeds to be famous, but your identity a secret. You want to be feared. You want to be whispered about. Nothing amuses you more than to stand among people who have no clue just how quick and deadly you are. You are also in love with the idea of the perfect intrusion. The less of a trace of yourself you can leave behind after an operation, the better you feel. Your sense of pride in your work is the thing that keeps you going. But lately, you have begun to feel a sense of emptiness. Maybe you have suffered a loss in love, or some other personal blow that has made you feel less invincible than usual. Perhaps you’ve begun to question your amoral existence. When you discover the secret war, you are pulled in either by your melodramatic hook, or by the awakening of a desire to do something—to leave a mark on the world, even if no one will ever know your name.

Juncture: any


  • Bod 5
  • Chi 0 (Fu =7)
  • Mnd 5
  • Ref 5
    Add 3 to one primary attribute. Add 1 each to two other primary attributes. Add 1 to one secondary attribute.


  • Deceit +4 (9) [Max 12]
  • Guns +2 (7) [Max 11]
  • Info/your choice +2 (7)
  • Intrusion +9 (=14)
  • Fix-It +3 (8) [Max 12]
  • Martial Arts +9 (=14)
    Add 6 Skill Bonuses.

Schticks: 1 fu schtick

Weapons: 6 weapons of appropriate juncture

Quick Schtick Pick:

  • Fu Schtick: Friend of Darkness
  • Weapons: 69: sword, staff, throwing stars, dagger; 1850: sling, bow; Cntp.: Glock 17, Uzi; 2056: Buro 9A, Buro Blade of Truth

Wealth Level: working stiff

Credit: Atlas Games’ Feng Shui Core Rules


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