Old Master

Fs old master

“You think I am old and feeble, do you? Well, face my Flying Windmill Kick, asshole!”

You are an elderly expert who long ago conquered the most difficult principles of martial arts and chi powers. You have spent many long years tutoring others in the secrets of your art, and are used to being treated with utmost respect. You can therefore be a bit of a hothead when challenged by others who do not know enough to bow before your superior experience. You are a harsh disciplinarian; no matter what juncture you hail from, you grumpily pine for the good old days when proper respect was paid to elders and the heavens were in harmony with the Earth. Although you no longer possess the physical strength and endurance you had as a young student, your skill and Fu powers still make you a formidable opponent. You want to retire from active participation in the world of martial arts, leaving the field to the young men and women you have trained to follow in your footsteps. When you were young, you cared about proving your martial arts supremacy to all challengers. In your old age, you recognize that impulse as foolish pride. Now you want to rest, and to study the arts and ancient poems. But the tide of evil in the world seems to be growing again. Perhaps your students have been slaughtered by villains. Perhaps your juncture is ruled by unjust leaders who must have wisdom bludgeoned into them. At any rate, there will always be young heroes in need of your leadership. You cannot rest now, not when so much is at stake. You must show them how to become masters themselves, as your masters taught you. Your skill and experience give you an immense responsibility to the world, one you mean to fulfill. Such is the lot of the superior man.

  • Juncture: any


  • Bod =4
  • Chi =10 (For =0)
  • Mnd 5
  • Ref 5
    Divide 4 points among your primary attributes.


  • Info/Calligraphy +5 (10)
  • Info/Chinese Painting +4 (9)
  • Info/Chinese Poetry +4 (9)
  • Info/Eastern Philosophy +7 (12)
  • Info/Noodle Making +5 (10)
  • Leadership +2 (7)
  • Martial Arts +11 (=16)

Schticks: 5 fu schticks

Unique Schtick: You are an expert in perceiving chi flow through people’s bodies, and can use that knowledge to strike at your opponent’s most vulnerable spot in combat. Base damage with a punch or kick is Strength +6.

Quick Schtick Pick: Abundant Leap, King on the Water, Prodigious Leap, Willow Step, Walk of a Thousand Steps

Wealth Level: poor

Credit: Atlas Games’ Feng Shui Core Rules

Old Master

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