Path of the Brilliant Flame

Fu brillianf flame

Fire Strike Chi: 1 / Shots: 3

  • Strike an opponent barehanded with Martial Arts; add 2 to the final Damage if the strike hits. If your opponent is wearing flammable clothing, that clothing ignites and the opponent must take 3 shots to slap the fire out or suffer 1 Wound Point every 3 shots until something is done about the fire. Total damage from the fire effect cannot exceed your Chi rating. Prerequisite: none

Fire Stance Chi: 6 / Shots: 1

  • Until end of sequence, any opponent striking you barehanded suffers 1 Wound Point per strike. These Wound Points are not reduced by Toughness. Prerequisite: Fire Strike

Fire Fist Chi: 3 / Shots: 3

  • Strike an opponent barehanded with your fist wreathed in a flaming nimbus of chi energy. Damage rating of attack is 10. Even opponents somehow immune to Martial Arts attacks and/or fu powers take full Damage from attack, unless they are also immune to the fire effect of the Sorcery’s Blast schtick. Prerequisite: Fire Stance

Eyes of Fire Chi: 3 + X / Shots: 3

  • As per Fire Fist, but you can now damage opponents without touching them: a blast of flame emanates from your eyes. X = number of meters between you and opponent. Prerequisite: Fire Fist

Gathering the Fire Chi: 3 / Shots: X

  • You can stand in the middle of a raging blaze without suffering damage for any number of shots in a single sequence. For each shot spent enveloped in flames, you gain a temporary Chi point. (The total number of shots you spend in this manner is where the X shot cost comes from.) You may choose to spend these at any time to pay the chi cost for any fu power(s); once spent, they are gone forever. They do not change your Chi rating for checks; they only give you more points to spend on fu powers. If spent on powers in this path, those powers are at half cost. Prerequisite: Eyes of Fire

Path of the Brilliant Flame

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