Path of the Clever Eye

Fu clever eye

The Fox’s Retreat Chi: 1 / Shots: 1

  • Add +5 to your Dodge value. Counts as a defensive action. Prerequisite: None, Path: Eyes of the lever Eye

Eyes of the Fox Chi: 1 / Shots: 1

  • Study an opponent in combat; the GM must tell you the numerical value of one of the opponent’s attributes, skills, or current point totals. You choose which one. Prerequisite: The Fox’s Retreat

Laughter of the Fox Chi: 1 / Shots: 3

  • Make a Martial Arts check; if successful, you grab a weapon from the hands of an opponent. Difficulty is opponent’s Dodge value. Until end of sequence, all attacks made by you with this weapon against this opponent gain a +3 Action Value bonus. Add 5 to the Difficulty of your check if the weapon you’re grabbing at is someone else’s signature weapon. Prerequisite: Eyes of the Fox

Vengeance of the Fox Chi: 2 / Shots: 0

  • When you are hit by an opponent in hand-to-hand combat, you may make a Martial Arts attack check. If successful, the opponent is thrown a number of meters equal to the Outcome of the attack in the direction of your choice. Opponent suffers Damage equal to his Strength + the Outcome. Prerequisite: Laughter of the Fox

Luck of the Fox Chi: 1 / Shots: 3

  • Execute a maneuver that draws chi energy from the world around you. You may spend Chi points as Fortune points until the end of the sequence, suffering 5 Wound Points each time you do so. Prerequisite: Vengeance of the Fox

Contract of the Fox Chi: 8 / Shots: 0

  • Use immediately after Initiative is rolled. You have a first shot equal to the highest first shot rolled. Prerequisite: Luck of the Fox

Path of the Clever Eye

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