Path of the Flying Steel

Hail of Steel
Chi Cost: 1 Shot Cost: 3
Throw a pair of daggers or shuriken or a handful of darts or needles at an opponent within range. Base damage of this attack is 10. I

Bite of Steel
Chi Cost: 2 Shot Cost: 3
Make a Martial Arts attack with a thrown weapon that ignores any armor your opponent may have. Prerequisites: Hail of Steel; Path: Prison of Steel, Teeth of Steel

Prison of Steel
Chi Cost: 2 Shot Cost: 3
Nail an opponent’s limb of your choice to a convenient wall or other surface by making a normal Martial Arts attack. Damage is resolved as normal, and the limb is useless until freed. Anyone can pull the weapon out and free the limb by making a Strength task check with a difficulty of 5 plus the Outcome of the attack. Prerequisite: Bite of Steel

Teeth of Steel
Chi Cost: 3 Shot Cost: 3
Spit a mouthful of needles into your opponent’s face. The base damage of this attack is 7, and your opponent suffers 1 point of impairment for each five wound points suffered. Impairment lasts until the needles are removed, which is a 5 shot action. Loading your mouth with needles is a 3 shot action best done before combat. Prerequisite: Bite of Steel

Path of the Flying Steel

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