Path of the Healthy Tiger

Fu healthy tiger

Claw of the Tiger Chi: 1 / Shots: 3

  • Strike an opponent barehanded; damage value for the strike is your Strength +3. Prerequisite: none
Tiger Stance Chi: 1 / Shots: 0
  • Immediately after you are damaged by an opponent in hand-to-hand combat, you may launch a free Martial Arts attack on that opponent. This has no effect on your current Shot. Prerequisite: Claw of the Tiger
Unyielding Tiger Stance Chi: 2 / Shots: 0
  • When you are attacked in hand-to-hand combat, you may respond with a simultaneous Martial Arts attack. This has no effect on your current Shot. Prerequisite: Tiger Stance
Vengeance of the Tiger Chi: 4 / Shots: special
  • When you are wounded in hand-to-hand combat, you may immediately launch a Martial Arts counter-attack against the opponent who just wounded you, using any Wound Points you suffer from that one attack (after reduction for Toughness) as a bonus to your Action Value. You must then make a Constitution check with the Wound Points you have just suffered as your Difficulty; if the Outcome is negative, you are exhausted and cannot act for a number of shots equal to that Outcome. If you pass the check, you must wait 3 shots before acting again. Prerequisite: Unyielding Tiger Stance
Storm of the Tiger Chi: X / Shots: 0
  • X is any amount of Chi you elect to spend. Add X twice to the Damage of a bare-handed strike you have just made. Prerequisite: Storm of the Tiger, Shadowfist

Flow Restoration Chi: 0 / Shots: 1

  • Release a subject affected by the fu power Point Blockage from paralysis; you must be able to touch subject. Prerequisite: none

Corners of the Mouth Chi: X / Shots: 1

  • Spend any amount of Chi (X) while touching subject; subject gains that amount of Chi and may spend it at any time during the current sequence. At the end of the current sequence both your Chi total and the subject’s return to normal, and any unspent Chi is wasted. Prerequisite: Flow Restoration

Healing Chi Chi: special / Shots: 10

  • In a lightning-quick series of moves, jab crucial acupressure points of a wounded patient in order to dramatically speed up his natural healing process. Make a Martial Arts check and subtract the Action Result from the patient’s current Wound Point total; there is no such thing as negative Wound Points and no way to save up healing to apply against future wounds. If you are damaged yourself while performing a Healing Chi, apply any Wound Points you suffer during this period as a penalty to your Action Value. If your Action Result is negative, recipient suffers a further 5 Wound Points. See p.137 of the Fights section for general rules on Medical Assistance. Prerequisite: Corners of the Mouth

Point Blockage Chi: 5 / Shots: 3

  • Strike an opponent in unarmed combat in such a manner as to block the flow of chi through his body and paralyze him. You must make a successful Martial Arts check, and then must make a Chi check with your opponent’s Chi rating as the Difficulty. If you make both checks, opponent is paralyzed and remains paralyzed for a number of shots equal to the Outcome of the Chi check. The victim retains all of his senses while under this effect. If he realizes that an attack of any sort is aimed at him while paralyzed, he can make a Chi or Kung Fu check (his choice) with your Chi or Kung Fu rating (whichever is higher) as the Difficulty. If successful, he is freed. Prerequisite: Healing Chi

Shadowfist Chi: special / Shots: 3

  • Strike an opponent barehanded. If you succeed at a Martial Arts task check, you do not do normal damage. Instead, make a Chi or Kung Fu task check with opponent’s Chi, Kung Fu, or Will (whichever is highest) as the Difficulty. If this check succeeds, permanently reduce your Kung Fu and Chi ratings by 1; opponent’s Martial Arts Action Value is permanently reduced by 5 and opponent permanently loses the ability to use a fu power of your choice. Prerequisite: Point Blockage

Path of the Healthy Tiger

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