Path of the Immutable Clay

Fu immutable clay

Creative Thunder Chi: 1 / Shots: 3

  • Strike a character wielding an arcanowave device barehanded. If your Martial Arts task check succeeds, add the current Difficulty for the character’s next mutation check to the Outcome. Prerequisite: None,

The Wandering Cow Chi: X / Shots: 1

  • When you suffer an arcanowave effect that would force you to make a mutation check at the end of the session, spend Chi equal to the Difficulty of that check if it were held immediately. You may then apply an equal number as an Action Value bonus to the next action you take. The mutation check still occurs normally at the end of the session. Prerequisite: Creative Thunder

No Medicine Chi: 3 / Shots: 8

  • Lay hands on an individual (including yourself) who will have to make a mutation check at the end of the session due to arcanowave exposure. Make a Martial Arts check with the Difficulty being that of the mutation check were it held immediately. If you succeed in the check, the current Difficulty of the victim’s mutation check restarts at 0. If you fail in the check, you must make a mutation check at the end of the session, with the victim’s current Difficulty added to your own, if any. The victim’s Difficulty is not changed in this case. Prerequisite: The Wandering Cow

Unexpected Harvest Chi: 0 / Shots: 0

  • If you have just completed a successful use of the No Medicine fu power, you may convert the dissipated arcanowave energy into a one-time store of chi energy. Make a Martial Arts task check, using the same Difficulty as the No Medicine check. If successful, you gain a number of Chi equal to that Difficulty; once the Chi is spent, it cannot be recovered. These bonus Chi points remain with you until spent, but they do not add to your Chi attribute rating. Prerequisite: No Medicine

Clearing the Ground Chi: 8 / Shots: 15

  • Cure a willing subject who has been mutated by arcanowave exposure, returning the subject to his state before any mutation due to mutation checks occurred. To do so, take the character’s current value on the Mutation Outcome Chart (p. 124), treat it as a positive rather than a negative number, and make it the Difficulty for a Martial Arts check. If you succeed, the subject is cured. If you fail, the subject remains in his mutated condition, and you yourself must make a mutation check at the end of the session, adding the Difficulty of the check you have just made to the Difficulty of the Mutation check. Prerequisite: Unexpected Harvest

Path of the Immutable Clay

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