Path of the Shadow Companion

Fu shadow companion

Friend of Darkness Chi: 1 / Shots: 1

  • You can act normally in partial or complete darkness with no Action Value penalties; effect lasts until end of sequence. Prerequisite: none, Path: Dark’s Soft Whisper

Dark’s Soft Whisper Chi: 4 / Shots: 3

  • An otherwise normal Martial Arts attack you make is completely silent; no one can hear any sounds you or your opponent(s) make during the shot that it occurs. Prerequisite: Friend of Darkness, Path: Blade of Darkness

Blade of Darkness Chi: 1 / Shots: 3

  • You can mold chi energy and darkness together into a spontaneously created six-inch, razor-sharp blade. The blade lasts for a number of hours equal to your Outcome. It has a Damage rating equal to your Strength +3. Intimidation checks you make while brandishing this weapon have a +3 Action Value bonus. This ability is also highly useful when you’re unable to smuggle a physical weapon into a secure area. Prerequisite: Dark’s Soft Whisper, Path: Gathering the Darkness

Gathering the Darkness Chi: X / Shots: 3

  • Draw the darkness and shadows in the area towards you like a protective cloak. Perception checks to detect your presence suffer a -X Difficulty Modifier for X minutes after you activate this fu power Prerequisite: Blade of Darkness, Path: Strike from Darkness

Strike from Darkness Chi: 4 / Shots: 3

  • Make a Martial Arts attack on an opponent who is unaware of your presence. If you are successful, damage you do is not reduced by opponent’s Toughness. Prerequisite: Gathering the Darkness, Path: Shelter of Darkness

Shelter of Darkness Chi: 7 / Shots: 0

  • When you successfully hit an opponent with a Martial Arts check, you may elect not to do damage to him. Instead, an area with the opponent as its center is plunged into absolute darkness until the end of the sequence. The area has a radius in meters equal to your Outcome. All combatants who are not somehow immune to the effects of darkness suffer a -4 Action Value penalty on any attack check made within, from, or into that area of darkness. At the GM’s discretion, other actions that require sight also suffer the same penalty. The shot cost of Shelter of Darkness does not include the shot cost of the attack itself. Prerequisite: Strike from Darkness

Path of the Shadow Companion

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