Path of the Storm Turtle

Fu storm turtle

Clothed in Life Chi: 1 / Shots: 1
  • Until end of sequence, Damage done to you by characters with lower Chi ratings than your own is reduced by 2 per strike. Prerequisite: None
Armored in Life Chi: 3 / Shots: 3
  • Until end of sequence, add 3 to your Toughness for the purpose of determining Wound Points suffered from successful attacks. Prerequisite: Clothed In Life
Inner Strength Chi: 1 / Shots: 1
  • Substitute your Kung Fu secondary attribute for your Magic secondary attribute when determining the difficulty of magic spells cast against you. Applies until end of sequence. Prerequisite: none
Eye of the Storm Chi: 2 / Shots: 3
  • Neutralize the lingering effects of any single magic spell cast against you. Does not affect Wound Points caused by spells up to that point but halts any further damage from occurring once the spell is neutralized. Prerequisite: Inner Strength
Gift of the Storm Chi: 1 / Shots: 0
  • As you use another fu power, you may designate another character as the beneficiary (not the target) of its effect. Treat that character as “you” in the fu power’s description. That other character must be a willing participant, and must be within (3 m x your Chi rating) of you. In the case of Drunken Stance and the fu powers on its path, it is the user of Gift of the Storm who must be drunk, not the new beneficiary. Prerequisite: Eye of the Storm
The Storm Reverses Chi: X / Shots: 1
  • Specify a new target for a magic spell cast at you by an opponent. X equals the opponent’s Magic rating. Using The Storm Reverses is a defensive action. Prerequisite: Gift of the Storm
Tornado of Shelter Chi: 7 / Shots: 3
  • You are immune to damage from magic spells or arcanowave devices until end of sequence. Prerequisite: The Storm Reverses

Willow Step Chi: 1 / Shots: 0
  • Your Dodge Value increases by 2 for the duration of the shot. Prerequisite: none
Walk of a Thousand Steps Chi: X / Shots: 3
  • Until the end of the sequence, you add X (the amount of Chi you elect to spend) to the Action Value of your Martial Arts rating whenever you make an active Dodge. Prerequisite: Willow Step
King on the Water Chi: 3 / Shots: 3
  • If your Charisma rating is greater than your opponent, the next attack he makes against you automatically fails. * Prerequisite: Walk of a Thousand Steps
Fortress of Righteousness Chi: X / Shots: 3
  • A fu power used by an opponent in striking you is neutralized. X is the Cost of the neutralized power. Opponent still spends chi and shot costs of neutralized power. Using Fortress of Righteousness is a defensive action. Prerequisite: King on the Water
Storm’s Ebb

Chi Cost: All / Shot Cost: 5

  • Everyone within 20m suffers one point of Damage for each unspent Fu Point. Neither armor nor Toughness can reduce this Damage. All these Fu Points are then spent, and may not be used for fu powers until the next sequence. Every time Storm’s Ebb is used, the user loses one point of Kung Fu permanently. Prerequisite: Integration of the Clouds (See Leaping Storm), Fortress of Righteousness
Natural Order Chi: 3 / Shots: 1
  • You take no damage from a single strike from a gun or arcanowave device. Using Natural Order is a defensive action; declare it when you’re targeted for attack but before the check is made. Prerequisite: None
Backlash of the Turtle Chi: 3 / Shots: 3
  • A gun or arcanowave device which has just done Wound Points to you is destroyed. Signature weapons are immune to this effect. Prerequisite: Natural Order
Mirror of the Turtle Chi: 3 / Shots: 3
  • Make a Martial Arts check with the number of Wound Points (after any reductions for Toughness) you have just suffered from a single hit from a gun or arcanowave device as your Difficulty. If you succeed, the opponent that wounded you takes an equal amount of Wound Points which are not reduced by Toughness. Prerequisite: Backlash of the Turtle
Laughter of the Turtle Chi: 7 / Shots: 3
  • You are immune to damage from guns until the end of the sequence. Prerequisites: Mirror of the Turtle, King on the Water
Vengeance of the Turtle Chi: 4 / Shots: 3
  • If you succeed in striking a non-living vehicle barehanded or with a kick, that vehicle is destroyed. Prerequisite: Laughter of the Turtle

Path of the Storm Turtle

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