Path of the Tightening Coils

Fu tight coils

Eyes of the Snake Chi: 2 / Shots: 1

  • Execute a series of distracting tai chi moves; the shot costs of all attacks made against you are increased by 1 until end of sequence. Prerequisite: none

Slither of the Snake Chi: X / Shots: 1

  • X unnamed characters, if they have a choice of targets, can’t select you as their target until after the end of the sequence when all is normal again. If all characters on one side of a fight are using Slither of the Snake, the power is neutralized for all of them. Prerequisite: Eyes of the Snake

Strike of the Snake Chi: 3 / Shots: 0

  • Reduce any 3 shot action which requires a Martial Arts task check to a 1 shot action. Prerequisite: Slither of the Snake

Coil of the Snake Chi: X / Shots: 0

  • You may execute a Martial Arts attack on the current shot even if it isn’t a shot you can attack on. X = the difference between the current shot number and your next shot number. This does not affect when your next shot number occurs; it’s strictly a bonus attack, not an alteration to initiative. It also does not change any costs of the Martial Arts attack you make. Prerequisite: Strike of the Snake

Lunge of the Snake Chi: 3 / Shots: 0

  • Add 3 to the result of an Initiative Roll. Prerequisite: Coil of the Snake
Venom of the Snake Chi Cost: 5 / Shot cost: 2
  • If you successfully strike an opponent using this fu power and cause Damage, your target suffers the following effects until the end of the sequence. Each action suffers a 1 shot penalty, and he takes 1 Wound Point every 3 shots. The effects of this power are cumulative. Prerequisite: Lunge of the Snake

Path of the Tightening Coils

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