You secrete a toxic venom with a Damage rating of 10. For each additional schtick you spend on this power, the Damage rating of the poison increases by 2. Victims subtract their Constitution ratings rather than their Toughness from the Damage in order to determine Wound Points suffered.

Select one means of delivery:

Fangs. You have long, cobra-like fangs. You must bite your opponent; in combat this requires a successful Martial Arts check.

Gland. You can milk a gland in one of your extremities to produce a poison which must be ingested to take effect.

Skin. Your skin is poisonous, but you must rub your skin against the victim’s for several minutes for it to have any effect (a handshake won’t do it). This poison cannot be communicated in combat, but there is also no obvious sign of it.

Stinger. You have a scorpion-like stinger somewhere on your body. See “Fangs” for rules.


Feng Shui: The Lost Island DJSchotte