Attribute Modifiers: Fortune +2, Perception +3, Reflexes +3

Disorienting Strike Chi: 5 / Shots: 3
Make an unarmed attack against an opponent, strikng at a crucial nerve point in order to induce dizziness and blurred vision. If successful, then you not only do normal Damage to opponent, but you may also add your Outcome to the Difficulty of the next attack check he makes. The opponent may counter this latter effect by doing nothing but reorienting himself for the next 3 shots. The target may still passively Dodge, however. For each extra schtick you spend, the amount of time to clear the disorientation increases by 3 shots.

Infect Chi: 3 / Shots: 3
Make an unarmed attack against an opponent with a Martial Arts check. If successful, the opponent suffers (in addition to normal Damage) 1 point of impairment for every 5 Wound Points suffered; round fractions down. Wound Points delivered through an Infect attack do not heal naturally: They must be treated with antibiotics or healing magic.

Lurk Chi: 8 / Shots: 1
You can make yourself invisible to others by hiding behind even the most inadequate of cover. Make a Martial Arts check with the Perception of target character as the Difficulty; if successful, the target simply cannot see you. If you are anything but perfectly still while lurking, the GM adds at least 2 to the Difficulty of the check; the exact penalty depends on how much you are moving. For each extra schtick you spend on this ability, you may affect an additional target. When used against multiple opponents, use the highest Perception as the Difficulty. Once you’ve made the lurk check, you may continue lurking as long as desired. You only need to make another check if you move, if you want to affect an additional target, or until someone you can’t target enters the area and spots you (in which case failure is automatic).

Squeeze Chi: 3 / Shots: 8
You can contort your body in order to squeeze through holes as small as 12 cm in diameter. Spend another schtick to make the limit 6 cm in diameter. You can’t increase this ability beyond 6 cm.


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