Cyber ogre

These cybernetically-altered ogres are the standard model abominations sent out by the Buro to put down insurgencies throughout the Third World in 2056. They are reasonably intelligent, and genuinely enjoy maiming and killing. Each Reconstructed is implanted with a Cerebral Grepper, a device that causes it an instant brain hemorrhage if it knowingly disobeys the orders of a superior officer. The Buro tends to lose Reconstructed every so often, because they have low impulse control and sometimes lash out at their officers anyway. But it’s better than losing perfectly-good human officers.

The Reconstructed are enormous humanoids with monstrous features and gleaming metal implants. They don’t all look alike. They come in a variety of bright flesh colors: red, green, and purple are common. Some have horns, others are covered with coarse hair, bubbling blemishes, or other repulsive features.

The Reconstructed

Attributes: Bod 12, Chi 0 (Mag 5), Mnd 3, Ref 7

Skills: Arcanowave Devices 8, Creature Powers 8, Guns 8, Martial Arts 8

Schticks: [Arcanowave Schticks]: Juicer, Spirit Shield Generator, [Creature Powers]: Armor, Inevitable Comeback

Weapons: punch (13), kick (14), Buro Godhammer (13/4/5), Buro Hellharrower (16/8/20)


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