Resin Cord


Your body has been modified with two arcanowave gland that are connected to a dedicated, subdermal AI/O port. These are usually, but not always, implanted within the forearm muscles. Wherever they are, each small mouth-like apertures oozes a spectral resin upon demand—the two combine to form a viscous substance. Depending on the balance of chemicals, this stuff may harden instantly or remain slack and sticky until it dissolves. The user can determine how fast the resin extrudes, and its consistency. Thick bars can be produced, or strands that serve as ropes or whips.

There are a number of other uses for this resin, which are limited only by the ingenuity of the user. Resin webs and cages are common uses, but you could make a replacement wagon wheel or patch a ship hull if you needed to. Each gland is capable of producing both hard and soft resin. It is also possible to imbed these glands in any major body muscle, including the tongue.

Different applications take different amounts of time, but the chart below should serve as a rough guideline

ToolTime – Req’d
3m of “rope” – 3 shots
1m pole – 1 shot
Sticky, gluey, immobilizing mass – 3 shots/target

The ectoplasmic resin lasts a number of hours equal to the producer’s Magic stat. For the purposes of escaping from it, it has Strength equal to the Strength of whomever (or whatever) extruded it.

Resin Cord

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