Resin Projector


A huge weapon, consisting of a backpack tank inscribed with arcane sigils, containing ectoplasm from the Underworld. A hose mounted on a rifle stock finishes off this ungainly apparatus; the Resin Projector is powerful, but delicate. A large lever opens or closes an iris connecting the rifle to the backpack. Pulling the lever open a little causes a thin stream of ectoplasmic goo to shoot out up to 40 meters. This thin stream hardens into cords of resin with a consistency comparable to steel within 6 shots. If the resin is washed off or otherwise cleared away it will have no effect, otherwise the target is immobilized by the resin. (It’s a Strength test Difficulty 12 to break free. Otherwise, the resin shatters when it has taken 13 Wound Points.)

Opening the valve all the way slops the ectoplasm a mere 10 meters away, but in great volume. A target hit by this large stream of goop must make an active dodge or be entirely encased in the goo. Again, if the goo is removed within 6 shots the hardened resin has no effect. Otherwise the target is not only immobilized, but also suffocating. (It’s a Strength test Difficulty 20 to break free or Difficulty 12 to clear a breathing hole. If the resin takes 25 Wounds, the prisoner can break free entirely).

Discarding one’s clothes is a great way to remove the hardening ectoplasm, which makes this weapon especially popular with the Jammers. They love watching arrogant Buro agents hurriedly stripping to their skivvies.

Resin Projector

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