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“You’re right, Zhang. I may not be strong enough to take you… but we are!

Since you were young, the path that the world set out for you has been clear. You are meant to help people, protect the Earth, and fight the most terrible evils. The fact is, though, that you couldn’t do it alone. You and your allies—your friends—fight together to repel tyranny and villainy throughout the world. Sometimes this just requires courage, cooperation, and confidence in your comrades. Sometimes it requires sacrifice, be it through bloodshed or some small part of your soul. You must do what others can’t (or won’t) to protect the innocent. Fortunately, you’re skilled and dedicated. Plus, you’ve got access to a well of power many people wouldn’t understand. Ordinary citizens fear or admire you for that power; there’s no telling if any average person will commend or condemn you. They don’t understand. If you felt like you could really find a normal existence—or were sure you wanted one—you might think of giving up the fight and living a simpler life. But you can’t leave your friends to face danger alone, can you?

Juncture: any


  • Bod 5
  • Chi 0
  • Mnd 5
  • Ref 5
    Add 4 points to a primary attribute. Add 4 points to a Chi-based secondary attribute. The max for all attributes is 10.


  • Guns +5 (10) [Max 12]
  • Martial Arts +5 (10 [Max 14]
  • Info/[your choice] +5 (10)
    Add 8 Skill Bonuses to these or any skills. Swap the maximums for Guns and Martial Arts, if you like. Swap out Guns or Martial Arts for the skill needed for your schtick picks, if necessary.

Schticks: Pick one sync schtick plus one line from the following list:

  • 3 gun schticks
  • 3 fu schticks
  • 3 sorcery abilities
  • 3 transformed animal schticks
  • 3 Creature Powers

Weapons: 2 weapons from any juncture

Quick Schtick Pick:

  • Sync Schtick: Back to Back
  • Gun Schticks: Signature Weapon: 2 (Unique Weapon), Crossfire
  • Weapons: katana, experimental impulse blaster (ray-gun,13/4/—)

Wealth Level: Rich

Science Ninja

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