Attribute Modifiers: Move +3, Reflexes +3

Dance Chi: X / Shots: 1
Execute a series of hypnotic dancing movements, directing them at an opponent. Make a Martial Arts check with opponent’s Willpower as the Difficulty. If successful, opponent is distracted and suffers X points of Impairment, X being any amount of chi you elect to spend. The effect lasts only while you are actively maintaining it; you must spend X chi each shot and devote all of your attention to the dance. You may target an additional opponent for each extra schtick spent on Dance; take the highest Willpower among your targeted opponents as your Difficulty.

Sting Chi: X / Shots: 3
Hit an opponent with an unarmed attack. If your Martial Arts check is successful, you do not do normal damage. Instead, opponent suffers 3 Wound Points at the beginning of each sequence for X

Surprise Chi: X / Shots: 3
Hit an opponent who is unaware of your presence in hand-to-hand combat, adding X (the amount of chi you elect to spend) to your Action Value.

Scuttle Chi: X / Shots: 1
Add X (any amount of Chi you elect to spend) to your active Dodge rating until end of sequence.


Feng Shui: The Lost Island DJSchotte