Scrappy Kid

Fs scrappy kid

“Hey, when do we get to stop the evil scientists from taking over the world? Huh, huh? When do we? Can I play with that gun? Ah, c’mon, I won’t wreck it or nothin’. That sword is really cool. Can we stop the evil scientists now, can we, can we, huh, huh? Are we there yet?”

Life is simple. You’re a kid. You like to have fun. But there are these bad guys who want to wreck everybody’s fun. They think they’re better than everyone else. They want to be the boss of you. So even though those boring old grown-ups want to keep you safely tucked away somewhere boring, you’re gonna do something about it. After all, why should they get all the fun of shooting guns off and watching explosions and meeting cool monsters and all that stuff? Sure, you’re not exactly a killing machine, like you plan to be when you grow up. But you’re not bad for someone whose age isn’t in the double digits yet. You’re the best kung fu kid in your class, and you’ve learned some tricks you weren’t supposed to learn yet. And you’re fast, you know how to duck, and bad guys underestimate you. Secret war—hey, what could be cooler?

A Note: You don’t have to play the Scrappy Kid as comic relief. (And shouldn’t, if your GM and the rest of the group want to maintain a consistently dark and gritty tone in your Feng Shui series.) Maybe you’re a grim little warrior, forced by tragedy to fight back in a grownup world. Just because you haven’t hit puberty yet doesn’t mean that you don’t have a threatening squint worthy of Clint Eastwood.

Juncture: any


  • Bod =4
  • Chi =7
  • Mnd 6
  • Ref 8
    Add 2 to one primary attribute, 1 to another.


  • Deceit +2 (8)
  • Info/Comic Books +5 (11)*
  • Info/Computers +4 (10)*
  • Info/Skateboards +4 (10)*
  • Info/Pop Music +3 (9)*
  • Info/[your choice] +2 (8)
  • Martial Arts +5 (=13) or Sorcery +6 (=13)
  • Intrusion +2 (=10)
    Only Scrappy Kids from 69 AD can take Sorcery. They lose the Info skills with asterisks. Swap Info skill specialties with other kid-like pursuits of the appropriate juncture, if desired.

Schticks: 2 sorcery schticks or 2 fu schticks

Unique Schticks:
1) You can decide to attack to distract an opponent—rather than injure him—by throwing things at him, pulling his shirt over his head, squirting him with whipped cream, and so on. Your opponent suffers 3 points of Impairment (see p.135) for a number of shots equal to your Outcome. This Impairment can’t be increased by further distraction attacks.
2) You may not do much damage, but you’re hard to hit. Your Dodge Action Value is always 2 more than your Martial Arts or Sorcery Action Value.

Quick Schtick Pick:

  • Sorcery: Blast, Influence or,
  • Fu Schticks: Fox’s Retreat, Eyes of the Fox
  • Wealth Level: poor

Scrappy Kid

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